Men’s Fashion Tips: Hanging Suits the Right Way

Before hanging your suit jackets into your wardrobe, it will be advisable to use the clothes brush to brush them frequently after wearing. It helps to removes dirt and lint buildup on the suit. It also helps to rejuvenate the wool and prevent it from shining.

A very important aspect of men’s suits care is to always have your suit jackets hung on good coat hangers that entail broad, rounded shoulder supports.

No matter how long your suit is left on it, the support from the hangers will keep your suit jackets in shape.

So avoid those miserable metal wire hangers for your suits. They will never be able to lay a good foundation for hanging any mens suits.

Have ample space within your wardrobe. It allows your suit jackets to hang and drape nicely without creasing.

Unbutton the suit jackets and remove any items in the pockets. This will not strain and weigh on the jacket’s pocket to keep it in its original shape.

Keep your suit in a garment bag that can “breathe” and not one that is fully enclosed. If you are not going to use a garment bag, then it would be good to just cover the shoulder portion to avoid dust accumulation.

Hang your suits to “air” for about 24 hours before putting into the wardrobe. It will help dry up any moisture trapped in your suit before being introduced into the wardrobe. It also helps to rejuvenate wool since it is a natural fiber.

If a hanger is not available, fold your suit jackets inside out with shoulders touching. By doing so, it prevents any possible dirt or lint staining on the outer fabric of the suit. Then either lay the suit jacket flat or drape it over a chair.

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Men’s Fashion – Choosing The Right Fit

One of the first rules to remember when buying clothes, which won’t cost you a penny extra, is to choose clothes that fit you correctly. Although it may seem fairly obvious, clothes that fit correctly are a very important aspect in men’s fashion which is often overlooked.

When you are buying new clothes, you will instantly look more stylish if your clothes are the correct size, but it is surprising how many men wear clothes that don’t fit them correctly and they are unaware of some simple rules to ensure you choose clothes that are the correct size.

Whether you are buying a new shirt, t shirt or even jeans, there are a few simple tips that can help you out. When buying a shirt, it is a good idea to know your collar size first, as a general rule, the shirt should feel comfortable with the top button fastened and the gap should allow you to place one or a maximum of two fingers width between the buttoned collar and your throat. The sleeves should be approximately one inch over your wrist bone, and you should also ensure that the sleeves don’t ride up your arm when you move about, which would indicate that the sleeves are too short. When in a relaxed position the shirt should not be too tight across your chest or waist, which are a clear indicator the shirt is too small.

Jeans are more difficult as there are so many different types of cut and styles it is difficult to find the perfect fit. When buying jeans, often it will depend on your own preference. Knowing your waist size is important as jeans should always be a good fit around your waist. As a general rule your jeans should be no bigger than one waist size above your own and that is only when you want a loose effect. Most jeans are usually available in three lengths, short, regular and long, ensuring that most body types are catered for. Jeans should always be long enough to cover your socks, but short enough to avoid an excess of material over your footwear.

T shirts are quite straight forward, the golden rule being that when raising your arms there isn’t a huge gap from the t shirt to the top of your jeans, which would indicate that your top is too small and with an oversized t shirt there will usually be a large excess of material, usually around the waist area.

Knowing your own measurements is a great place to start and take your time when shopping to ensure that your clothes are a great fit, even if your clothes have been the wrong size in the past, you will start to look more stylish at no extra cost.

Men’s Fashion – Fashion Faux Pas to Avoid

Ensure that your appearance is decent and acceptable by avoiding these fashion blunders.

Men are given a bad rap when it comes to fashion and understandably so.

There are some men that often go out in public looking like they dressed in the dark. If you worry that you might be categorized with these blind dressers, make sure that you avoid the following fashion mistakes.

White Socks with Dark Pants

Nothing looks worse than blinding white socks when you’re wearing nice trousers. Unless you want people to stare at your ankles, it is best to match your socks to your trousers.

For example if you are wearing a dark blue suit and brown leather shoes, the best option is dark blue socks.

The next best thing would be neutral brown socks to blend in with the shoes. The whole idea is to minimize attention drawn to your ankles.

Novelty Ties or Clothing

You may be a fan of Star Wars or you may be a festive soul, but you don’t have to wear it all over your clothes.

Novelty ties, shirts, and other clothing are the opposite of sophistication. They can be tempting, but if you want to be taken seriously, leave the blinking Christmas reindeer tie at home.

Big Shoes

Clunky shoes are a thing of the past. A decade ago, they may have been acceptable, but today, classic slim shoes work best.

Clothes that Don’t Fit

If you follow any fashion rules, this may be the important of them all. Wear clothes that fit! Avoid disgusting everyone by avoiding clothes that are too tight. Also baggy and sagging clothes suggest immaturity and should be avoided unless you are pursuing a career as a rap star.

This also applies to pant length. When wearing jeans it is appropriate to wear them to floor. However, when you are wearing trousers or suit pants, the hem should end at the top of the shoe heel. And unless there is a flood, you should make a strong effort to avoid pants that are too short. A good tailor can ensure that your trousers are cut to the perfect length.

Brand Names

Clothes that showcase the brand name all over the outside are not classy or acceptable unless you are serving as a sponsor. Don’t let the clothing companies use you as free advertisement.

Short Sleeve Shirts with a Tie

Unless it is a uniform or you work fast food, avoid wearing a short sleeve button up shirt with a tie. It suggests lack of class and looks silly. Stick to full sleeve button up shirts when wearing a tie.

Too Much Jewelry

Don’t wear too much bling. When at the office or on business, one nice watch is sufficient but make sure it is not so gaudy that people can’t look at anything else. Save all other rings, necklaces, earrings for after-hours occasions.

Dressing appropriately is critical to success because it is your appearance that gives the first impression. If you avoid these common men’s fashion faux pas you will certainly be on the right path to becoming a successful dresser. Before you know it people will be admiring your dress rather than laughing at it.